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2018 Maiden Alley Oktoberfest MUSIC LINEUP COMING SOON!!!!

Every year we make sure and book some truly unique musical acts and invite local and regional artists that will enhance your Maiden Alley Oktoberfest experience.  The 2017 music lineup included local/regional and national musicians who have rocked the Music @ MAC (live music series at Maiden Alley Cinema) stage on several occasions.  With us from the very first Maiden Alley Oktoberfest in 2011, the Solid Rock'it Boosters always create an awesome and "dance friendly" environment.  You know you love kicking up dirndl to their brand of music!  And they always have an amazing array of musical guests sitting in on a couple sets!

All the way from Toronto, Canada we were stoked to have catl on the Oktoberfest stage featuring real-life couple Jamie Fleming and Sarah  Kirkpatrick as the "gruesome twosome".  Offering up stripped down, juke-joint blues that will make you drink n' sweat til you can't drink n' sweat no more!

We were pleased to welcome back Curio for another year, a hell-raisin' and soul-shakin' rock n' roll band from Chicago, IL.  Their music is steeped in southern gothic lore by way of the Midwest.  Heavily influenced by the growl of Chicago blues, the low-down and dirty swamp rock of Louisiana and the twang of Tennessee country, Curio conjures a sound that has as many influences as there are miles on I-55 from The Windy City to The Big Easy.  Chris Pluska and his band of wayward gamblers have been playing to crowds at juke joints, dives and clubs since 2009.  Curio's live show has teh fervent energy of a backwoods revival and the no-holds-barred attitude of a bar brawl.  Their records are love letters to the bastards, brawlers, vagabonds and believers who've shaped American folklore for better or for worse.  Curio's tales have been described as 'Midwest murder ballads' that depict the timeless narrative of wrong-doing and temptation.  

The day is always kicked off with the Paducah Jazz Ensemble Polka Band!!!  You can't very well have a proper Oktoberfest without some polka to get things started.  In 2017 they will play twice throughout the day opening up the festivities on the Main Stage and then offering up some authentic polka on Market House Square in the afternoon.

Also, in the lineup for the day we had Big Atomic from Louisville, KY.  The band blurs the lines between funk, rock, rhythm and blues and dance.  From pulsing dance songs to improvised extended jams, smooth r&b to funky rock and roll, Big Atomic has proved to be a very versatile group.  The band is Shannon Vetter (saxophone/guitar,vocals), Morgan McCall (drums), Matt Robinson (percussion/vocals), Andrew Stephens (bass guitar) and Micah Greene (guitar/vocals). The band formed in 2013 and has been working hard ever since.

Shaped and inspired by the American South, The Savage Radley is the brainchild of Shaina Goodman, a Kentucky-raised songwriter and Delta farmer's daughter whose music stomps, twangs and bangs with all the power of her homeland.  

"We're not throwback country," she says of her band, a group of pickers and pounders who add electricity, elasticity and grit to her songs.  "We're not looking to be in the mainstream, either.  We just want to fill our own corner of this American southern landscaps."

Leonard the Band did not set out to sound like anything or anyone in particular.  They came together and forged a sound uniquely their own.  Art is their outlet and they wish to share it with fans and new listeners.  Their influences blend through their music, but do not define it.

Fate McAfee began writing original music at the age of 20, recorded his first full length studio album at 22 and has played small festivals and coffee shops and dive bars everywhere from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippe River, from the streets of New Orleans to theaters in Kentucky.  he is from West Tennessee originally and typically plays solo, but collaborated with several talented musicians for his debut album "Little Bill and the Late Fees," recorded in Paducah, Kentucky, where he currently resides.

Chris Black & the Eagles of Unemployment will join the fun with a local crew who play songs using musical instruments.

No strangers to the Maiden Alley Oktoberfest stage, we were excited to welcome back The Hooten Hallers by way of Columbia, MO.  The trio are known for hard-traveling and wild, energetic live shows, crisscrossing their way through North America and Europe with their seemingly endless tour schedule.  They continue their decade-long search for their roots, drawing from the surrounding agricultural lifestyles, the river communities, the college kids and the tweakers that roam Columbia, Missouri, all in the looming foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

On Broadway we added a plumped up art vendor area with 15+ art vendors ranging from screen-printing to jewelry to local florists making traditional flower crowns. 

Please click here if you would like to apply.

The art vendor area will be FREE and open to the public so you don't have to have an Oktoberfest ticket to enjoy a walk down Broadway to see the creativity in our region.